Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did You Know?

The only movie in the Friday the 13th series to not say the name "Jason" is:

Friday the 13th Part 3

I know Ginny says his name in the flashback to part 2, but I think it's kind of neat that they never use his name in the movie proper. I wonder if the film makers were trying to make Jason seem more like a "boogey man" by doing this.

Who knows?!

I'm Just Sayin'

I bought this little bluray disc a while back. Maybe you've heard of it. Here's the front cover:

Of course, I've seen A Nightmare on Elm Street many times, so this was promptly added to my collection shelf without a viewing...

where it sat...

for a long time...

until tonight.

I grabbed the disc from the shelf and threw it in the player. As the film loaded, I amused myself by reading the back of the movie case. And let me tell you, sir or madam, I was embarrassed by what I read:

You may not be able to read the tiny text, so I'll also type it out for the ease of your tired eyeballs.

"1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you." And here he is, phantom fiend Freddy Krueger in all his razor-fingered infamy. Wes Craven (Scream movies) directs this trendsetting first in the slash-hit series. The premise is simple: Freddy (Robert Englund) homicidally haunts the sleep of Elm Street teens. The results are terrifying and mind-blowingly innovative. There’s another film debut too: Johnny Depp. He plays the ready steady of the hottie mcsmarty (Heather Langenkamp) who figures a clever way to flambĂ© the fiend. But ever-say-die Freddy will be 3, 4 back for more…even returning to the screen in a killer 2010 remake of this diabolical original. Sweet dreams!

I guess with a movie of this reputation you don't need to try real hard to synopsize the story, but come on. Try a little bit. I wasn't only embarrassed for the person who wrote it, but for myself. I thought someone was going to come along and ask me what I was reading, and I would have to tell them. And they would laugh at me.

So, I guess there is no real point to this post, other than to preempt the person who sees me reading this bluray cover. Then I can refer them to this little corner of the interwebs and say "I agree with you. That movie synopsis sounds silly."