Monday, July 5, 2010

My Top 10 Willie Inducing Moments!

Andre Dumas has invited us all to take part in a special project in which I am to take an introspective look at what scares me. I started by thinking about what scared me when I was younger, and logically moved on to what scares me now. You know what I found out? A lot of it hasn't changed.

Following is my list, in no particular order, of exactly what scares me. Regardless of the placing, all of these movie moments are cemented into my memory because I'm a big scaredy-cat. And I don't think that's a bad thing.

Even though I know it's coming, the scene near the end where the killer is hiding in the harlequin outfit always gets me!

Zelda scares the crap out of me! I still lean away from the TV screen when she jumps out of bed.

I wince every time Bill Mosley hits his head on that tombstone. Every time!

"Thanks for the ride, Lady!" After watching this flick I look everywhere for that dude, just to make sure he's not following me.

Mr. Barlow is one ugly vampire. When he shows up at the jail I'm never ready for it.

We see Josh standing in the corner and then the movie just ends after a brief violent altercation. I got chills the first time.

Donald Sutherland makes me uncomfortable when he points out his former comrade at the end of the movie...genuinely uncomfortable.

At one point, there is a person sneaking around the residence. A noise is heard from the next room. Maybe this person is not alone. Using a peep hole they peer into the next room. There is no movement. Suddenly someones eyeball comes to the peephole from the other side! They are not alone after all. It scares the shit out of me!

Samara coming out of the TV had me sinking into the couch like never before.

When Karen Black sits waiting for her mother to come visit, pounding that knife into the floor, staring at the door, she breaks into that super-creepy, extra-toothy grin...

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  1. Cool list! I just found your blog. Curiously, both Pet Semetery and Creepshow II had scenes that really scared me as a kid (although just missing my list), but they were different from yours. The thing that really creeped me out from Semetery was when the zombie son sliced the neighbor's heel. In Creepshow II, it was the end of the raft bit, particularly when the blob melted the girl's face after the guy was molesting her. Of course, the last shot of Trilogy of Terror stands pretty tall as far as these things go. Well, here's my list: